Women’s Welding Class… Round 2!

The first women’s welding class at the Columbus Idea Foundry was a huge success, so we’ve scheduled another! Please sign up for the Saturday, April 28th class here!

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Ladies’ MIG Welding Class at the Columbus Idea Foundry

I’ll be teaching a ladies’-only MIG welding class at the CIF on Saturday, March 31. Please visit the Columbus Idea Foundry’s website to register!

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New Projects…

My most recent project… aluminum and leather handbags and laptop bags. These have been a blast to create, but I still need to streamline my process to make them more affordable. Currently, I am taking orders for custom CNC-engraved bags. They’re great for business advertisement, displaying your uniqueness, or for use as a shield for crime-fighting! (Superman logo, anyone?)

Please view the Aluminum Bags tab for more examples…

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Support Columbus Artists!

I’m finally printing t-shirts for the Aug. 20th MakerFest at the Columbus Idea Foundry. Make sure you come by the event and support your local artists!!! (and buy a t-shirt)! There will be a ton of local vendors and artists, as well as a power tool drag race, shop demos, art show, afterparty, and more…

(ToolRaces.com or ColumbusIdeaFoundry.com for details)

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GCAC Art Festival

The GCAC Art Festival was a blast… The folks at the Columbus Idea Foundry built a badass Steampunk themed pinball machine that got lots of love at the event. In fact, it got so much love that it, um, broke. So, by day two it was in need of some minor repairs. We hauled the flux-core welder down to the event, and after tripping a few breakers, we had a fully-functional machine once again! Then, of course, I found a phone booth and changed into a sundress… and was a lady once again. Phew.

What a great time…

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Every girl’s dream…?

Yesterday I made a trip to one of my favorite places in Ohio… a vintage automotive salvage yard, called Stark Wrecking. Okay, I doubt it’s every girl’s dream, but it’s definitely mine. If you live in the area, and you haven’t yet made that trip… well, you owe it to yourself. I snagged a great-looking hood off of a ’53 F-100. I hate to admit that I don’t own a ’53, but the hood will be used instead to make a nice piece of furniture… or something else that’s fun and functional. What an amazing place…

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Art Show Today!

The Columbus Idea Foundry is having an open house today, to show the public their new digs. It’s an amazing shop… it’s where I do all my welding, and teach classes. The gallery will be packed with all sorts of artwork created by the shop members… and I’ll have about ten pieces on display. (www.ColumbusIdeaFoundry.com)

Check back after the open house, for photos of some of my work that will part of the show this evening. I’m long overdue for posting photos!

Thanks for visiting…

Here’s the postcard from the show:

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Welcome to Old Soul Studio…

Welcome to OldSoulStudio.com…

This site showcases the work of Allison Meade. Please contact the artist if you would like to purchase a piece seen on this site. More artwork will be added soon. Thanks for visiting!

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